Ay B0$$'s Staff Application

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Ay B0$$'s Staff Application

Post by Ay B0$$ on Thu Jun 30, 2016 6:46 pm

1.Ay B0$$

2.2.I used to be a SFM animator with one of my old friends Dylan.


4.4.I almost became an admin for a discontinued server

5.5.I love the server and the admins and feel that i could aid in helping the server(i'm on summer break)




9.9.I've seen some servers in pretty bad condition. Your server is one of if not the most tame servers i've seen in awhile and i would be obliged to so join your wonderful group of admins.

10.10.I would like to aid your server by becoming an admin. After being a player and common goer of the the server, i have been amongst the people that are committing the true crimes of the server. Most people are afraid to call the admins in fear of doing something wrong. I would like to end this problem by being a kind and friendly admin.



13.13.When would be the best time to help out around the server?

14.14.I use to be a senior pet caretaker, and i have two pets of my own.

Ay B0$$

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Re: Ay B0$$'s Staff Application

Post by turtle054 on Thu Jun 30, 2016 10:29 pm



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