Nutella0200's Staff Application.

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Nutella0200's Staff Application.

Post by Nutella0200 on Fri Jul 01, 2016 1:46 am

1. Nutella0200 + STEAM_0:1:51217493

2.A large amount of Patience and Great at Listening


4. I was a previous Mod/Admin for 2 other Discontinued Servers on Garry's Mod and A Mod for a Discontinued CSGO Sever.

5. I would be able to Help keep the Server In Order

6. Indeed

7. Indeed

8. Indeed (However I will not be able to use it ALL times due to it picking up all Background Noise.)

9.Being part of Staff on a Server(s) (Especially On a Server I like/ love) CAN be Challenging at times due to Rule breakers and False calls, So what interested me more about this position is the Players, In my 3/4 days of Playing, I have noticed lots of People breaking rules and Disrespecting the Owners/Staff and it has bothered me, I would like to help.

10.Applying as much help as I can to stand alone Staff and being able to have Authority when All Staff members are off or AFK.

11.I have not

12. U.S.

13. None at the Moment, But I might have some IF added to Staff.

14.The Majority of the time I am Honest and Attentive, I can be on Duty at almost Anytime If asked.


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