StatTrakKitten + MakeShift Doggo Unban Request

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StatTrakKitten + MakeShift Doggo Unban Request

Post by StatTrakKitten on Tue Jul 05, 2016 4:44 pm

In-Game name you were using when banned: [LG] StatTrakKitten + [LG] MakeShift Doggo

Steam ID: StatTrakKitten: STEAM_0:1:47315195 + MakeShift Doggo: STEAM_0:1:92657937

How long you were banned and the reason stated for the ban: StatTrakKitten: Perma "Mass RDM in spawn" + MakeShiftDoggo: Perma "kys"

If known, who banned you: Don't know

Why you think the ban was unfair: We were trying to open cases, but people were getting jealous of our podium we built near spawn so they shot at us and we had to put up a kos, and people kept disobeying the kos so we killed whoever did so. It might look like RDM, but the admins never checked the KOS.

Have you reread the server rules? (yes/no) yes


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