Unban Request Form

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Unban Request Form

Post by Uzi on Fri Jun 24, 2016 12:33 pm

Use this template when submitting an unban request:

In-Game name you were using when banned:

Steam ID:

How long you were banned and the reason stated for the ban:

If known, who banned you:

Why you think the ban was unfair:

Have you reread the server rules? (yes/no) 

Do NOT say "I have no idea why I was banned." We're all sick of hearing this obvious bullshit, and your thread will be locked immediately if you make that excuse. 

Invalid Excuses:

"I was abusing because there wasn't an admin on and I was helping out." Do NOT vigilante admin, we can't tell if you're being truthful, and we won't accept this as an excuse. 

"It was my brother, sister, cousin, dad, etc..." Again, this excuse is used all the time, unless you've played for a long time and we know you very well, NEVER use this excuse. If you have a sibling or relative who's prone to cheating on your comp, you need to find a better way to secure it.

"I didn't know it was a rule." We reserve the right to edit the rules page without notification/warning. It is your responsibility to make sure you fully understand our rules before playing on our server. 

"The admin was breaking the rules/making rules up." Whatever an admin says goes. Their word is law. Even if they are bullshitting the rules, you must listen to them. However, please feel free to gather evidence and send said evidence to Uzi. Still, you must follow their rules unless told otherwise by a higher ranking staff member.

If you have done any of the following, please don't bother posting for unban...

DDoS attacks on players or any other form of server crashing. Please do not even bother posting if you have done either of the previously listed offenses. We do not allow these players back under any circumstances. 

Cheating (wall hacks, aimbot, speedhacks). Same policy as above.


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