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Donation Information

Post by Uzi on Fri Jun 24, 2016 1:59 pm

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Hello beautiful people, I hope you're having a wonderful and delightful experience on our DarkRP Server. As you all may know, we actually are paying a hoster to run this server. We use donations to pay for and maintain the server, as well as invest in custom scripts/addons or help fund events/etc.

Currently the only way of donating is through PayPal.

PayPal Donation Link:
PayPal Email Link:

*Required - Along with your message, send this information (There should be an option to):please put your Steam ID + Steam Name + Email, so we know who donated. If you do not do this, we will NOT give you your donation benefits if we cannot verify that you donated. Then message me on the forums.

Please read the disclaimer at the bottom of the page to prevent rage/crying/desk flipping (Applies to all Donators)

Right now, Our donation packages are VIP, Founder (Limited time only), and Custom Job.
With VIP, You gain access to !votekick along with a few other commands, plus some VIP exclusive jobs.
With Founder, You gain access to some exclusive Founder only jobs, and you have more with us in terms of respect.
With Custom Job, you can create your own custom job that only you can use! Obviously there are a few rules in terms of what you can get for your job, but you basically can customize it for yourself! You recieve one gun that you spawn with, a playermodel of your choice (The size of the playermodel must be within our limits [5 mb], but we may allow for bigger models if you donate extra.), A name, and whether you would like to be a Criminal, CP, or Hitman.

VIP = $15
Custom Job = $40
Founder (Coming soon) = $60

Disclaimer: By purchasing VIP, Founder, Or a Custom Job you agree to the following: Purchasing our donation ranks does not grant immunity from being kicked or banned. Your privileges may be revoked by admins for abuse without warning or refund. We are not trying to steal your money, but you must follow the rules. Features of each package may be changed at any time, without warning or refund. If the server is shut down, temporarily or permanently you will not be given a refund. After you Donate, no refunds are possible. After donating, you will be treated the same/equal to everyone on the server. You cannot "buy" your way out of a ban. If you're banned the best way is to appeal at the Unban Request Section. Abuse of any permission/perk will result of it being taken away. You may "Gift" VIP/Founder/A Custom Job to another Player/Member.

Restrictions: Abusing any of your perks will result in serious consequences. You may not "transfer" donator status.


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